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What is Karnatic Coffee?

Karnatic coffee is a coffee estate owners who have been producing coffee for over 2 decades. They have the legacy, expertise, quality and connections when it comes to the coffee business. This is a brand that has been run by generations and is focused on business expansion in the future.

Why a brand design is a requirement for such a well-established brand?

Breaking the monotony of choosing your life insurance

How many out there gets excited for health insurance?

Why does it have to be boring?

It has been found that users have the least engagement when it comes to health insurance, so here I try redefining the experience for a top health insurance brand.

My Role

  1. Understand user needs
  2. Explore design…

Pubmed, a very well known and widely used biomedical literature search platform.

Design Process

User Research

Setting up a task list to understand :

  1. The ease, in understanding the current platform.
  2. Experience psyche of the user.
  3. Pain points faced by a user while searching for a medical information.

I conducted a 15–20 mins of…

Man who makes fortune by selling samosas for INR 15

Few lessons that I have learned from samosa man and would like to share

Samosa Man

There is this one guy near Bandra(Mumbai, India) who sells samosa for a living and is quite famous, so thought to go and visit him this Sunday. And let me tell you, interaction with this person…

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