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What is Karnatic Coffee?

Karnatic coffee is a coffee estate owners who have been producing coffee for over 2 decades. They have the legacy, expertise, quality and connections when it comes to the coffee business. This is a brand that has been run by generations and is focused on business expansion in the future.

Why a brand design is a requirement for such a well-established brand?

Brand design as an execution helps a business achieve a goal. Hence here too the need lies in the business goal. Karnatic coffee is doing great in its B2B approach.

As you see above the complete business operation of Karnatic Coffee.

Looks good !! what is wrong here?

Nothing is wrong here. As I said it is all about the business need. The current generation running the brand has a bigger vision for the brand.

If I break this down the business goals are focusing mainly on a couple of points:

  1. Introduce the brand to a new audience with a completely new identity. No more unbranded take-home coffee packets !!
  2. Build an experience that the customer would love to use. Do consider the growing modern technology and make it an integral part of the design. How would it be if an age-old brand 2 decades-old use technology for their business operations?
  3. The design should speak quality, legacy and love for coffee.

Now if you focus on the business goals, the brand is looking for a new face in the growing market which has new challenges to deal with. They are shifting from B2B slowly to B2C and trying to set out a new benchmark in the industry.

Hence the brand needs the following to achieve its goals :

  1. Brand Identity design
  2. Product design
  3. Brand content strategy

It is very important as a design consultant to understand the business goals of your client and craft a product design plan with custom service planning execution that cater to the client’s business goal.

The Brand Identity Design process

My branding design is a complete 3 weeks activity which involves user study, competitive benchmarking, conceptualisation, digital design, element study (form, colour, material, etc) and application strategy.

The user study — Caféphile

Caféphile — Anyone who loves coffee ?? Well, there is much more to it when it comes to understanding the behaviour of a caféphile. I had some discussion with some coffee lovers and tried to understand their interests. After an extensive user research phase, I performed a caféphile interest affinity mapping.

The interests mainly fell under 3 categories :

  1. Direct interests: These are the first impression creators. Direct interests are any coffee lover’s first level expectation
  2. Indirect interests: These are those interest that coffee lovers want sub-consciously. He doesn’t ask for it or opens admits that he wants, but his mind has already started creating a picture of expectation.
  3. Deeper emotional interests: These are the deeper motivation that driven any coffee lover to stay loyal or turn anyone into the coffee environment.
Interest Mapping

Behaviour study around the coffee market

Indian consumers’ palette is evolving and they are open to adapting and experimenting with innovations. The pattern around coffee consumption will always be evolving.

People are ready to try more regional and international blends prepared in the aero press, French press and more.

The youth is a large market and a lot more open to newer flavours and brewing methods. No wonder cold brews have become significantly popular too.

Competitive benchmarking

Coffee is a growing market in India. In 2014, the market value of cafes in India amounted to about 70 billion Indian rupees. The market value is estimated to consistently increase through the years, reaching about 125 billion Indian rupees in 2020. In 2020, the number of organized cafe chains across India was forecast to increase to around 6,200, up from about 3,500 in 2017.

According to a study done, I realised 95% of the consumers prefer to have coffee at the outlets i.e. cafe. This has a lot to do with the interest mapping. There a huge demand for the cafe has come and is expected to keep rising.

Some of the top coffee chain in India has been moving into the retail space and are working very hard to provide the best customer experience.

  1. Cafe Coffee Day
  2. Starbucks
  3. Barista
  4. Gloria jean’s coffee

In recent time coffee bean roaster’s have started entering the café space and the audience has started accepting the concept for the sheer focus on quality and experience.

some of the top coffee roasters in India :

  1. G-Shot Coffee Roastery & Cafe, Goa
  2. Curious Life Coffee Roasters, Jaipur
  3. Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Bangalore
  4. Coffee Culture, Mumbai

The understanding

rise of coffee consumption in the country tells us that brands need to go beyond product innovation and build an emotional connect where the consumption habit becomes a ritual, and eventually synonymous with the brand.

Coffee bars have begun to usher in the experiential proposition to coffee drinking, with an ambience that’s inviting, invigorating as well as relaxing


Golden ratio structure.Concentric circle base.

Final Design

Application Strategy


The menu is focused on being simple and minimalistic in its approach. Clear categories of food and easy to read experience is what was focused on while creating the design for the menu.

The Takeaway

The shop Identity

The App-Experience

An in-store digital app experience that focuses on providing seamlessness in customer experience. The digital app can behave as a one-stop-shop for the user. The possible interactions could be :

  1. Connecting with the cafe wifi
  2. Exploring menus
  3. Placing order
  4. Track order
  5. Checking their profile status
order progress in your watch
order detail in your watch

Apple watch can be an extended experience for quick status updates and nudges.



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