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  • Eric Lastname

    Eric Lastname

    Software Developer, AWS. Natural Language Processing and Crypto.

  • Center for Design @ Northeastern University

    Center for Design @ Northeastern University

    An interdisciplinary design research center for exchanging knowledge and practices, shaping common tools and methods, fostering new research lines.

  • Adhithya


    Designer at Google. HCI grad. Constantly annoyed and delighted interchangeably. www.adhithyakumar.com

  • Justin Baker

    Justin Baker

    Design Lead at Netflix — Top Writer in Tech & Design — All opinions are my own

  • Johny Vino

    Johny Vino

    Specialized in humanizing User Experience. www.johnyvino.com. Building: interactions.johnyvino.com | skl.sh/johny

  • Bogomolova Anfisa

    Bogomolova Anfisa

    UX designer. Trainer. Startuper

  • James Zhou

    James Zhou

    Interaction Designer at IDEO | www.jamesxzhou.com

  • Shankar


    Product Designer at Google. Alumnus of HCI/d at Indiana University. @shankarux on twitter.

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