Breaking the monotony of choosing your life insurance

UX Case study — Health Insurance

How many out there gets excited for health insurance?

Why does it have to be boring?

It has been found that users have the least engagement when it comes to health insurance, so here I try redefining the experience for a top health insurance brand.

  1. Understand user needs
  2. Explore design solutions
  3. Create wireframes that deliver the solution

Followed the sprint design process :

Day 1 — Stakeholder interview and HMW

Day 2 — Persona Board,Key actions,Empathy Map

Day 3 — Sketch

Day 4 — Wire-framing

Day 5 — Test

Collecting all points of impact for product in one place helps build a solution that is relative and avoids scattering of ideas.

Before making wireframes, I was clear that the idea presented will not be the same old boring app, where user gets to see the available plans and select from reading through a list of boring old information.

Instead, the user is primed to a holistic approach towards health where he is not only introduced to health insurance plans, but lead an overall healthy lifestyle, bu introducing smaller and easily achievable steps, everyday.


The experience of performing a quick sprint for solving some of the major pointer of users in health and health insurance like :

  1. Ease of use
  2. Humanising the experience
  3. Building motivation
  4. Increasing Engagement

was quite satisfying and since the process is more concise and to the point as opposed to the traditional methods, there was no creative fatigue and yet I was able to develop an applicable solution.

From this point on it will be a lot easier to collect potential pain points and perform usability testing to build a roadmap for the product.



UX UI design agency in Bengaluru, India .

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